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Meet the wisdom family [The Style is SOLD]


A young man with a white heart and loved by society, and people exploit him because of his generosity. Amodi is his childhood friend, and he always asks him for advices. His most repetitive word “I Don’t Know”. His beloved heart is SmSm. Also, he is main character of Wisdom Seven family in this animation. 



A spoiled young woman, and she loves herself. Also she is into fashion and she is always think about what people saying. She likes to know the latest rumors in the society. She is an instructor in public kindergarten, and her most famous students are Buga and Nana. Shtot is always stalking her and like her, but she pretend that she doesn’t care.



A young smart guy loves to be smart, also he likes to flirt with girls. He loves to be remote area and driving cars. He is an employee in police station, and he is proud that he carry out the law. In addition, he is addicting with smoking.



A super active young girl, loves to be in the center of attention, and she likes to get involved in everything. She never stop fighting with her mother-friend's daughter Nana. NaNa is with her in the kindergarten, and Amodi is her younger brother.

Fav. Quotes

Quote 1
Believe ... It Is Never Too Late
Quote 2
There are a lot of things U can't Change, but there are MORE other things U can Change.
Quote 3
If you were asked to do the best thing you can do but without a chance to fail, what will it be? Just Start from there


Variety of selected images of Wisdom Seven family in different frames
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Get closer to know the Wisdom family

The Names

Each of the characters have a special name, and their names reflect their size and their personalities. In the same time avoiding the real names, and present new and cute ideas.

The Idea

Those characters are too small in a way they can fit in a hand.

The Story

Those tiny characters live in imaginary land, where small things can have a huge impact on big things. Everything has a start with small spark that can shine the world.


A selective of featured videos made by me, or by other party
La Yabain Qalak Video


My first animated full video ever, about Arabic song for Al-Zaylai - La Ybain Qalak.
Trailer for Movie Idea


A trailer for an idea to present a short animated movie.
Featured Video By Al-Rayyan TV


A featured video made by Al-Rayyan Tv about Wisdom Seven Characters.

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